Meet the Team


Claire - The main carer

Claire will be your dog’s main carer. She has a range of experience within the canine industry and before starting this business she studied aspects of equine veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, first aid and she is a qualified sports therapist. Her relaxed and loving attitude has an amazing effect on the dogs. Claire is the CWC licence holder #18/AB/150



James - The proprietor of J F Polo Academy

James is the proprietor of the J F Polo Academy, where we are based. He assists in the care of all of the dogs in his spare time and plays/teaches polo professionally throughout the season. He wont admit it but his favorite time of the day is coming home and cuddling up to Claire and the dogs in front of the TV. James has over 30 years experience looking after and training dogs.



Minnie - Our security dog

Minnie is our security dog, or so she thinks… She is a very playful miniature pinscher who loves to be fused over and cuddled. She is very socialable and is always first to meet and welcome your dog in to her home. Minnie is always happy to share her bed and toy box with your special pup. They will be in good paws with her in charge.



Calli - Our gun dog

Calli is our very talented gun dog that has mothered some impressive offspring, one of which is now a diabetic support dog. Claire will be working her again so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t mix with the home boarders during her training periods. She too is very playful and happy to share her home with your loved ones.