Doggy Day Care

Before committing to us, we will invite you and your dog to meet the team and see our facilities. This will also give you the opportunity to though any concerns that you may have.

Standard package includes:

  • Daily exercise on our 10 acre secure field
  • Access to a toy box in our house.
  • Regular pupdates
  • Feeding (we keep the same routine as you do)
  • Bed / crate in the living room or in their own room
  • 24/7 access to fresh water
  • Extras – see the grooming page

The Foraging Hound 
                at Swinford Stables


As part of our playtime we use a training and reward system. However, if you would proffer that your dog does not have treats we will abide by that.

Maintaining your dogs routine

As part of the booking in process we will take notes of your dogs normal routine so that we can maintain it and we will ask that you supply their food to avoid dietary upsets. By doing this we are helping your dog settle into our family quickly and stress free.


As a licensed facility, we take animal health and welfare very seriously. Therefore, we require all dogs that enter our property to be up to date with vaccination, flea treatment and worming.

Kennel cough

As a small one to one facility we do not make kennel cough vaccinations a requirement. However, if owners do choose to have their dog vaccinated against kennel cough, it must be done three weeks prior to your boarding/daycare dates.


Is your dog on medication or supplements?

If so, we are happy to administer them as required.

Day trip

We can take the dogs on a fun adventure to the beach or woodland.

If you would like us to do this, please let us know.

Doggy day Trip to the beach